Introductory Powerboat Course

Introduction to Powerboat Course

Ideal One-Day Introduction to Power Boating Course

Introduction to Power boating
(Level 1)

This course is the ideal one-day introduction to power boating course. Gain experience in a variety of different craft, including our high-speed RIB. At the end of this course you’ll receive the Irish Sailing Introduction to Power boating Certificate and from here, you can further your training on our National Powerboat Course. If you have some power boating experience prior, check out the National Powerboat Course – perhaps it will be more appropriate and present a greater challenge for you.

Who should do this course?

If you’ve never driven a powerboat before and are looking for an informative and exhilarating day on the water, then this course is for you! Participants must be aged 16 years or older to take part on our scheduled courses unless stated that the course is strictly for juniors.

If you have even a small bit of previous experience, you might consider the weekend long National Powerboat Certificate.

Course Structure

Course run on either a Saturday or Sunday from 10.30am-4pm.

Course Syllabus

  • Preparation of powerboat for going to sea
  • Starting the engine and safety checks
  • Basic manoeuvres and rope work, e.g. parking and tying up to a dock
  • Undertaking a RIB trip
  • High Speed Handling
  • What to do in a Man Over Board situation

Course Cost

€200 per person – Group discounts available

Fees includes provision of lifejacket and all required equipment. Please note that suitable waterproof clothing and footwear should be brought no matter of the expected weather on the day.

If booking a group of 2 or 3, please contact us if the dates listed on our schedule do not suit. Our team will endeavour to accommodate all group bookings as best we can.

Upcoming Course Dates

What People Say

I booked on a level 1 powerboat course with two of my friends. David met us at the pier, we geared up and had a great day on the water.


Tricia Hughes
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